Fairywill FW-507, FW-508, FW-2205DC,FW-2209 Review and Comparison

Fairywill electric toothbrush slogan

You don’t often think affordable when you think electric toothbrushes—a market where high-end units can cost several hundred dollars. You especially don’t think affordable when you are trying to buy for quality.

But what if you could get high-quality results, and even some high-end features without paying high prices? This is the opportunity that customers considering a Fairywill electric toothbrush are faced with.

The company has an entire product line of affordable options, but, of course, this only matters if they make good stuff, right? So do they?

For the purposes of today’s review, we had the opportunity to look at the FW-507, FW-508, FW-2205D and FW-2209 in the hope of answering exactly that. Read on to learn what we found!

Fairywill electric toothbrush

Product Overview

In a broad sense, they all occupy a similar vantage point on the price spectrum. All four options are available for less than half of what you would expect to pay from some of the major manufacturers.

The FW-507 and FW-508 are the most powerful and feature rich handles in Faiywill. However, for the sake of being precise, it is worth mentioning that you will pay a little more for two models.

The other two handles are a little bit more basic. The FW-2209 includes virtually no additional features, while the FW-2205DC does have a couple of extra modes for the buyer looking for a combination of versatility and value.

In the case of any of these brushes, you are looking at economical options. However, the two higher end options closely resemble the user experience found on the handles produced by top-tier manufacturers.

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Appearance and Designing

The design for all four handles is mostly similar, all for extra-light designed (which are claimed to have less than half of other brands). You get a slender black handle with matching black brush heads on all the options. The FW-507, FW-508, and the FW-2205D also feature small indicators beneath the power button that allow you to select a mode of use.

The FW-2205D is the only option that departs from the slender design concept. It features a curvier shape and a longer handle that do make it slightly more awkward to wield.

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Expect the FW-507, there are at least two colors available in the market:

  • FW-508: Black and Pink
  • FW-2205D: Black and Gold
  • FW-2209: Black and Blue

In general, I think the black versions are more suitable for Fairywill’s design style.

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Key Features & Technologies

Let’s now take a look at the key functions and features of each of the products that we are looking at today.


Fairywill FW-507

The FW-507 features five modes (clean, whitening, polish, sensitive, and massage). Of all the handles, these are the most modes that you will see (though the 508 does manage to tie this number).

Fairywill FW-507 Design

The microwave brush head generates 40,000 micro strokes per minute, which will be more than enough to give your teeth a thorough clean every time that you use it.

You also get a USB charging system (without the charging port) and extra-long battery life (we were able to use ours for up to a month without requiring a recharge) and lots of power.


Fairywill FW-508

The FW-508 is pretty much identical to the FW-507. In terms of user experience, you really aren’t going to detect any crucial differences. You get the same power level, the same charging mechanism, the user interface. The brushes also feature a virtually identical price tag.

A significant difference is that the FW-508 only offers three brushing modes (Clean, sensitive and massage).

Truly, if you are looking for a higher end brush, either the FW-507, or the FW-508 will be equally suitable for your needs.

Fairywill FW-508 Design


Another difference here really is the cosmetic. Though the interface (i.e how you actually using the brush) is the same, the design is slightly different. The different modes of use are identified by their initials rather than by symbols. For example, sensitive mode will be denoted by an S on the handle.

Small difference right? If you are choosing between the FW-507 and the FW-508, the decision will mostly come down to your design preferences.


Fairywill FW-2205D Design

The FW-2205D is an economic alternative to the 507 and the 508. You get three modes instead of five (sensitive, clean, and massage), which will suit buyers looking for multiple options.

However, the power level does drop off here. Rather than the 40,000 strokes per minute that we see with the 507 and the 508, you get a reduced to 8,800 rotations with this brush.

Ultimately, of course, only you can decide for yourself how meaningful that discrepancy is to you. However, it is worth noting that more power does usually correlate with more bacteria extraction.


Fairywill FW-2209

Lastly, we look at the FW-2209. The features here are quite removed from that of the other options that we have seen today.

This is certainly a handle that includes only the basics. Like the FW-2205D, you only get three modes of use (sensitive, clean, and massage)

However, you do still get the timer/pacer feature that is included on all of the other handles. With these features, you are going to be able to ensure that you cover your entire mouth for the dentist recommended two minutes.

The FW-2209 is also underpowered relative to the 507 and the 508. You get 8,800 rotations per minute here, as opposed to the 40,000 you get with the higher end handles.

Fairywill FW-2209 Design

As one would imagine, this basic package does have the benefit of being the most affordable that we will see today. If the price is your main consideration, you can still get an affordable and efficient handle by purchasing the FW-2209.

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Difference between Fairywill 507,508, 2205D and 2209

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Firstly, it is also worth mentioning that the brush heads patterns on the FW-507 and FW-508, are different than that of the FW-2205D and FW-2209. The 507 and 508 use Sonic Wave technology, while the other two units utilize a more traditional oscillating and rotational approach.

Fairywill Different brushing heads

As you can probably see the difference between the top two handles and the more moderate options is fairly substantial.

The reduced number of modes in the FW-2205D, and the FW-2209 on the surface may seem like the biggest discrepancies. However, we would argue that this is not the case. Most users that utilize electric handles usually settle on a favorite mode of use, and only use that.

In other words, a handle may have five modes, but you are probably only ever going to use one of them.

The biggest difference, really, is in the power that each handle is able to produce. With the FW-507 and FW-508, you get 40,000 strokes per minute—a staggering figure that is about as much as you can ever expect to see.

The other two units clock in at a respectable, but certainly less substantial 8,800 rotations per minute. There actually is a backdoor benefit to the reduced power level. Most handles that feature 40,000 rotations per minute also include a pressure check function that ensures you don’t damage your teeth or gums.

Since none of these handles include that feature the 8,800 rotations may be a little bit gentler on your teeth and gums.

However, the difference in the power is still going to be substantial enough for you to really feel the difference. The 507 and the 508 are, plainly put, going to be better at eliminating plaque and bacteria than the other two options.

Of course, you do also pay more for these additional features. As we have mentioned a few times throughout the course of this review, none of these options are particularly pricey, relative to the market as a whole.

However, despite which brushing ways you may like – Sonic wave vs. oscillating and rotational, and just trying to make the purchase as economical as possible, you probably will not be looking at the 507 or the 508. While the 2205 and 2209 are good handles that are still capable of delivering the high-quality clean that people looking for an electric handle are after. Certainly, they will be infinitely more efficient than your manual toothbrush.

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Pros & Cons

Now that you have a keen understanding of each of these handles, let’s take a look at some pros and cons to better inform your buying decision.

Pros or cons that apply exclusively to specific handles will be denoted as such in the text.

  • Timer:One thing is that you get a timer with all of these handles. This feature ensures that you brush for the dentist recommended two minutes. The way that it works is really pretty simple. When your two minutes are up, the handle shuts itself off so that you don’t over brush. This is actually an important benefit because overbrushing is just as bad as under brushing. It can be harmful to your gums, and your tooth enamel. The timer will help ensure that you don’t run that risk.
  • Pacer:You also get a pacer with all of the handles featured today. The pacer serves to ensure that you will cover each region of your mouth during the brushing process. Every thirty seconds, the handle will briefly stop vibrating, which indicates that it is time to move on to another region of your mouth. This is a feature that is often only found in expensive electric brushes, so it is nice to see here.
  • Lots of Power (507 and 508):The amount of power that you get with the 507 and the 508 would truly be hard to beat. The 40,000 strokes per minute that you get here are going to be more than enough to ensure that bacteria is removed efficiently. The power levels that you get with the other two handles are not terrible, but as one would imagine, they do fall well short of what you get with the 507 and the 508.
  • Affordable:One of the biggest selling points for these handles is their price. Or maybe it would be better to say, their value. In addition to being affordable handles, they just work very well also. For the performance you get with every single one of these options, consumers would ordinarily expect to spend significantly more.
  • Pressure Sensor:Pressure sensors are often features that you only see in higher end units. It isn’t exactly surprising not to see one in any of today’s featured models. This is listed as a con largely because the 507 and the 508 could really benefit from this technology. For those that do not know, the pressure sensor does exactly what its name suggests. It alerts the user when they are brushing their teeth too hard. If you think that this is something you don’t need help realizing, you may be surprised. Most people brush their teeth too hard. In any scenario, this is not a good thing, but it becomes more problematic when you take into consideration the power that you get with the 507 and the 508. With 40,000 strokes per minute, you want to make sure that you aren’t doing damage to your teeth. Of course, using best brushing practices will help, but it can be nice to have the insurance policy.
  • No Blue Tooth:Blue tooth connectivity is another feature that you mostly only see in high-end brushes. Given the prices of these handles, most people wouldn’t expect to see the technology present here. However, it is useful tech to have, and it is quickly becoming an industry standard in the world of electric toothbrushes. For most buyers, this will not be a big deal, but it is worth keeping in mind.
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Verdict? Fairywill Seems to deliver on their objective of making good stuff at a great price.

The timer/pacer found on all four options is a good example of how they are managing to stay up to date on key pieces of technology without charging an arm or a leg.

It is true that their product line lacks features like blue tooth technology, or pressure sensors. However, you can still get plenty of features, and plenty of power for an affordable price.

If you are looking for as many modes, and as much power as you can get you will want to go with their advanced model—the FW-507.

Otherwise, you can still get plenty of quality from any of the other, simpler options that we have seen. Bottom line? Fairywill may not have the pedigree of some of the bigger companies out there, but they do seem to have comparable quality.

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    Nuey Love July 31, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    I had this toothbrush for 4 months and had to charge it, now it won’t turn on. It’s still under warranty but I can’t find the receipt since I bought it from Amazon. How do I get a new one? Help! I really like this toothbrush…

  2. Reply
    alkis August 13, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    Hey, the reason that there is a discrepancy between the rotatory ones is because they are rotatory. The other just vibrate. The 8800 is the rotatory moviment, but they also vibrate at a higher rate. It is the same for oral b brushes.

  3. Reply
    Rick August 17, 2019 at 1:58 am

    I have ordered the fw-507. Is it possible to order soft brushes for this model, as I have sensitive teeth and gums?

    • Reply
      Jason Chou September 2, 2019 at 6:13 am

      Hi Rick,
      The soft brush heads for replacement are also available on Amazon, please try to search the ASIN:B071J8FYWW.

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