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Oral-B Pro 5000 vs. 6000 vs. 7000

Their wide variety of options is great for the fact that it will help you get exactly what you are looking for but it also makes choosing a toothbrush surprisingly complicated. Today we will demystify the process a little bit by taking a close look at three of Oral-B’s higher-end brushes: the Oral-B 5000, the Oral-B 6000, and the Oral-B 7000.

Oral-B is, by now, quite well known for their electrical toothbrushes. They have everything from standard entry-level handles all the way to tech-heavy premium gear that uses Bluetooth and smartphone technologies to change the way that you brush your teeth.

Products Overview

At a glance, these three bushes share a lot in common. All three fall into the “SmartSeries” category, because each one of them uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your cell phone. The handle then transmits data to your phone so that you can enjoy comprehensive information about your brushing habits.

As we have introduced in our previous product review, each is, of course, also designed to give your mouth a very thorough clean. However, all three of them do have their own unique area of focus. The Oral-B 5000 emphasizes plaque removal around the gum line, the Oral-B 6000 focuses on teeth whitening, and the Oral-B 7000 focuses on providing a unique tooth by tooth clean.

All three of these handles are considered premium brushes, but the 7000 is the most feature-rich of the three. Indeed, the features, and subsequently, the cost of each handle goes up proportionately by number. In other words, the 6000 is more feature-rich than the 5000 but less so than the 7000.

Appearance and Designing

The designs of these brushes are fairly similar. Each of these brushes features a power button on their faceplates, as well as an arrow key that allows you to shift between the different brushing modes. The Oral-B 6000 also features sensor ring near where the brush head attaches to the handle that will light up in the event that you brush too hard. The pressure sensor with the LED light on the 5000 and the 7000 is a little bit less obviously located in the back part of the brush near where the brush head and handle are joined.

Oral-B 7000 Pressure Sensor

The three brushes are covered with different degrees of rubber, and the 7000’s grip rubber feels better and the anti-skid effect is more prominent than other two handles.

Oral-B 7000 rubber grip

Unlike Oral-B’s entry-level products, these three brushes only offer one color: White for Oral-B 5000 and 6000, black for Oral-B Pro 7000.

Key Difference between Oral-B Pro 5000, 6000 and 7000

While these handles do share much in common, there are nevertheless some features that distinguish them from one another.

  • While all three handles have multiple modes, the Oral-B 7000 offers users 6 settings, as opposed to the other units five settings. The 5 settings of the 5000 and the 6000 are Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening and Deep Clean. The Oral-B 7000 provides those modes as well but adds a tongue cleaning mode.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are also some differences in what each of these handles focuses on. The Oral-B 5000’s emphasis is plaque removal around the gum line. The emphasis of the 6000 is teeth whitening, and the emphasis of the 7000 is to provide an individualized tooth by tooth clean.
  • The Oral-B 5000 accomplish its goal of enhanced gum line plaque removal via the way in which the brush head “vibrates, pulsates, and oscillates”. The 6000, on the other hand, accomplishes its goal of teeth whitening through its rounded head shape, as well as the pattern in which it operates.
  • There are also some differences in the department of accessories. All three handles come with a stand and a travel case, but the travel case on the 7000 is a little bit different. Considered not just a carrying case, but also a “charging station”, this accessory will allow you to charge both your phone and your brush at once, it is a great bonus if you spend a lot of time in hotels. Since you aren’t likely to bring your brush without your travel case it helps make sure that everything is where you need it to be. I know that when I travel one of the things that I am most prone to forget is my charger.
    Travel case - Oral-B 5000 vs 7000
  • The Oral-B 7000 also features the “Smart Guide”. The “Smart Guide,” is a small digital reader that provides you feedback such as a timer, and the mode that you are using on your smartphone and connect with your brush handle so that you have an easy visual reference to any information you might want to know as you brush your teeth.
    Oral-B 7000 wireless Smart Guide

Pros and Cons


  • Brushing Modes: It’s nice to see that all three of these handles offer different modes from which to choose. While not unheard of, handles with 5-6 modes also certainly are not industry standards so this is something of a deluxe feature. These options ensure that you are getting a handle that is suitable both for a wider range of users and even for the unique needs that your oral hygiene regiment might encounter on a day to day basis. For example, if you wake up one day with sensitive teeth you can brush comfortably knowing that you have a brush that is equipped to handle your situation.
  • Bluetooth Support: With deluxe handles, Bluetooth capabilities have become almost expected, but it is still nice to see it available in all three of these brushes. While not explicitly necessary, the feedback that the app support provides can potentially change the way that you brush your teeth. The app is going to be able to track your brushing times, and even motivate you to improve your numbers with fun nudges that keep you accountable. If you take advantage of the features of the app, it can be a fun and easy way to improve your oral hygiene.
  • Pressure Sensor: All three of these brushes feature a pressure sensor. Though not a strictly necessary feature, it is put in place with safety in mind. Due to the power of electric toothbrushes, they can prove hazardous to your gums, or even your teeth if you do not use them properly. The sensor helps to eliminate the possibility of damage by notifying you when you brush too hard. It is definitely a nice feature to have, especially if you are new to electric brushes or if you have children around the house that might be utilizing the handle.
  • Timer and Pacer: The timer and pacer featured in these units are both features that do an excellent job of making your dentist appointments a lot less stressful. Basically, these features help train you to brush your teeth the way that dentists recommend you should. The timer ensures that you brush for the recommended two minutes, while the pacer reminds you when it is time to move on to a different section of your mouth so that each tooth gets adequately addressed. The result is a more thorough clean that helps keep your entire mouth healthy.


  • Battery Life (For 7000): You are getting a battery life of about ten days with the 7000 which isn’t actually bad. However, users that are familiar with other Oral-B products have noted that the battery life is a little bit inferior compared to the life of previous models. Is 10 days anything to sneeze at? No, of course not but if you are expecting the battery life of two weeks or so that some previous models have been able to deliver you might not get it here.
  • Price: I mentioned earlier that these are higher end handles. That being the case they naturally come with a higher price tag than entry-level models. If you are looking for a bargain, you might not find it with these handles.

Conclusions and Suggestions

Are you ultimately buying these brushes for their efficiency right? If you are looking into an electric brush it is because you want something that is designed to eliminate more plaque and germs than the manual alternative. That is exactly what you are getting here. With any of these handles, you are going to get a brush that is at least three times as efficient at cleaning your mouth.

Which of these handles is right for you? It is going to depend mostly on what you are looking for in terms of bonus features. Given the number of modes each of these handles have, any of them will do a great job of cleaning your mouth. You just need to decide how important the extra features are to you.

Is all you want a great clean? You may consider the 5000. Do you want a handle that is designed to both clean and whitens? Consider the 6000. Or, do you want a handle that can do it all, and even comes with a few extra bells and whistles? For that, go with the 7000.

The good news is that no matter which handles you decide for you are getting a brush that is great at what it does.