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Waterpik WP-100 vs. WP-660

If you are looking to maintain top oral health, it is best to do teeth-brushing and dental-flossing. String flossing might not suit everyone, water flossing is the way to go if you are prepared to invest in it. Those in the market for a water flosser are probably already aware of the pitfalls that are prone to hindering the buying process.

Our goal today is to eliminate the obstacles that you have undoubtedly encountered during your shopping process by taking a close, side by side comparative look at two different water flosser options, the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100 and Aquarius Professional Water Flosser WP-660 to see which option is going to best accommodate your situation.

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Product Overview

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At a quick glance most shoppers will probably be readily able to identify at least a few glaring differences between these two waterpiks.

The first distinguishing factor that you are sure to notice is that the WP-660 is more expensive than the WP-100 by a relatively small though certainly still noticeable margin (WP-660: 6.63 x 5.88 x 9.25 in vs. WP-110 5.5 x 6.5 x 8.5 in ).

As is true in general, the difference in price correlates with a difference in features as well. The WP-100 is segmented as more basic water flosser while the WP-660 is a mid to upper tier option. We will talk later in a more specific capacity about what exactly makes these two options different.

In terms of actual advertising both options are presented in a similar way. With each option the principle idea is to eliminate 99.9% of plaque around the gum line.

Water floss alone the gum-line

However, both models would need some getting-used-to as you might takes longer to floss on first few times. Therefore you might find that one full tank might not seem to be sufficient to floss your whole mouth. However, after a few use, you would become more familiar and could floss your whole mouth in about 90 seconds.

At the end of the day there is no greater authority on your oral health care needs than a dentist, right? One of the principle benefits of the Waterpik are that it is the first of its class to feature approval from the American Dental Association (the ADA). This endorsement asserts that the ADA believes or substantiates the claims that using this device just one minute a day will go a long way towards improving the health of your gums and mouth.

Appearance and Designing

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In terms of design concept, the WP-100 is the earlier model while WP-660 is the newer model. This countertop type of water flosser uses design that Waterpik called the “Contemporary design” which follows the basic design of earlier models and it is also the most recognized design of Waterpik water flosser. The Waterpik WP-100 is launched in 2006, and therefore the design might not look the most stylish. The Waterpik WP-660 looks more suited for current age with its newer color theme and a more symmetrical geometry. The handle of WP-660 is also toned to make it looks smaller in comparison to WP-100. But overall, both of these water flossers look similar and both remain in line with what most shoppers would expect to find on a water flosser.

Appearance and design of Waterpik WP-100

In order to perform water-flossing, you start with filling up the reservoir with water on the top of the WP-100, then, with the tip pointed to sink, press the main switch on the main unit, the water would starts flowing. You would need to perform priming for the first time if it is a new unit. That would involve setting water to high pressure and allow water to flow from reservoir to exiting the tip. Please take note too that water will starts flowing once main unit switch is flipped on. Therefore you might cause water to be splashed all over the toilet if you are not familiar. Pressing the button on the wand/handle would pause the water flow.

Appearance and design of Waterpik WP-660

For Waterpik WP-660, it is shown in image below, it is the newer version of WP-100, and has most of the features of WP-100, plus a more modern look and a more futuristic color tone (The WP-100 only offers in White + Blue body while the WP-660 includes more colors option of Black and Navy Blue). The additional buttons of WP-660 are a switch to change between floss and massage mode, a knob that is easier to use with slippery fingers, button on the wand/handle that stays on/off. I believe the water-flow-control of WP-660 is easier to get used to. The main reason being that not everyone could handle WP-100 comfortably if one do not have ninja’s fingers that could pause the water flow at all sorts of angle.

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[wpsm_box type=”blue” float=”none” text_align=”left”]You don’t really think about your oral health care equipment being a decor piece and of course that’s certainly not why you buy that stuff. Still, shoppers with an affinity for decor will appreciate the fact that the WP-660 has undergone something a design overhaul to make it a little bit more sleek and elegant. While there certainly are waterpiks out there that are even more stylish than this option shoppers will nevertheless still appreciate the slight but effective touches that have been applied to make it a little bit more attractive.[/wpsm_box]

Common Features of Waterpik Ultra WP-100 and Aquarius WP-660

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The truth of the matter is that when it comes to shopping for a waterpik there isn’t a whole lot of feature variation in the departments that matters.

Both of the options that we are looking at today share the same tank, the same head attachments capabilities (though the included attachments vary between the 660 and the 100) and the same levels of effectiveness, with both options being capable of eliminating up to 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria on the gum line.

  • Efficiency: While the fancier components of both WP-100 and WP-660 might make getting the results that you desire a little bit more streamlined, at the end of the day either flosser is going to keep you healthy. On average both options are able to kill 99 % of bacteria around the gum line which makes them both 50% more effective than standard string floss.
  • Similar flossing operations: You operate the machine by filling the reservoir with water, then pointing the tip of the handle towards the gap of teeth, after which you flip the switch on the main unit to release water jet (The WP- 660 has an extra slide-switch that enables you to flip once and water jet would be released continuously). There are 10 different pressure settings to choose from to suit you. You could hear a rather noisy tone from the pump that supply pressurized water to the tip and onto your teeth. The 10 pressure settings ranged from 10 to 100PSI for both models. It’s a small feature but it should prove very appreciated especially for users with sensitive gums.
  • Same reservoir capacity: The 90 seconds tank capacity is a fairly simple and straightforward pro but it also has a big convenience component to it as well that really makes a big difference, you are never going to need to refill halfway through your water flossing session. The reservoir is also dishwasher-safe except the valve which should be removed. The reservoir could be placed in the top tray of dishwasher. Both of their reservoirs also have measurement scale on the reservoir for you to mix your water with antiseptic mouth wash if you prefer to do so. This is admittedly a fairly basic feature but it is also one that will eliminate a lot of frustration from your routine.
  • Easy of use: The tip of both WP-100 and WP-660 could be changed very easily, just by pushing the slide-button on the wand/hand, and the tip would jump out.

Differences Between Waterpik Ultra WP-100 and Aquarius WP-660

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We will now take a look at what makes the options different. Similarities are all well and good, but it is ultimately the differences that will do the most to inform your decision. Below you will find key differences in several different categories between the WP-100 and WP-660.


Features and technology is definitely a department in which the WP-660 finds advantage. The biggest distinguishing technological difference between the WP-660 and the WP-100 is the inclusion of the pacer in the former.

The pacer function is designed to ensure that you pace your flossing evenly in every 30 seconds to ensure that each quadrant of your mouth is addressed. This function is applied by a vibrating component located in the handle that goes off intermittently as a gentle reminder that it is time to move on.

WP-660 also offers an additional feature called “hydro-pulse massage mode” which allows you to massage and strengthen your gum after each cleaning session. Just as we know massaging muscle would help in strengthening the muscle. This is especially helpful for anyone who would like to build up gum muscle.

Accessories and Packaging:

Accessories are another department in which the WP-660 excels, though in this case, the advantage is fairly small. The WP-660 comes with 7 Waterpik tips, while the WP-100 comes with only 6.

For one thing, they will help to make the process of water flossing a little bit easier for users that have special needs like braces or an implant. While the water flosser is the optimal option for those situations some options are ultimately more effective than others. Of course, the more tips the better, but chances are most potential buyers are not going to be swayed by the inclusion of one additional tip, especially when considering the difference in price between both options.

In terms of packaging, there is no real favorable or unfavorable circumstance exclusive to either option. Both are packaged equally pleasingly.

7 water flossing tips included

7 water flossing tips included

User Experience:

Needless to say, it is difficult to qualify the user experience in any completely reliable way. As with all products, each individual has their own experience with both of the options that we are looking at today, and you as a shopper will be just as subject to the same variables that effect user experience as everyone else.

This said there are components to both options that could affect user experiences in moderate but ultimately impactful ways.

At the end of the day, the biggest difference between these two options, and therefore the experience that they impart is that the WP-660 is designed to be a little bit higher end.

The slightly more luxurious components of the WP-660 should account for a more comfortable experience for some users. This is going to be accomplished by the extra brush head, and the pacer function.

This is similarly also imparted by a slight difference in design that accounts for a little bit more of a sleek look to the WP-660 that people with a concern for décor will appreciate. The color options are a little bit more modern, and it even features LED mode indicators on the display panel that further contribute to the contemporary presence of the unit.

There is also the Hydro Plus Massage Floss mode exclusive to the WP-660 that some shoppers will appreciate. While the WP-100 comes with only one setting, the WP-600 features a pulsating massage mode that is designed to feel good on the mouth and gums.

This mode is not necessary for actual gum cleaning, but it is a plushy feature that shoppers looking for everything that they can get will appreciate.

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Pros & Cons

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Now that you know a little bit about what makes these options similar and what makes them different here are some pros and cons that should make your buying decision a little bit easier. Pros or cons specific to only one of the water flossers will be designated as such.

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  • Affordable (WP-100): Water flossers are sort of a luxury item in so far as the fact that you don’t explicitly need one in order to maintain good oral hygiene (though having a good one definitely can make a big difference). With the WP-100 that really isn’t what you are getting. The features may be a little bit more basic than the WP-660 but for the shopper on the tight budget, this small concession will be well worth it.
  • Time and Pacer (WP-660): The timer and pacer is a feature that is now common to high end electric toothbrushes but it is much less common to waterpiks. The goal is to ensure that you are able to evenly and effectively eliminate all of the bacteria each and every time you use your waterpik.
  • Flossing Settings: The incorporation of 10 pressure settings on a waterpik is a useful way to ensure that your mouth is comfortable as you do your thing.
  • Effectiveness: Effectiveness is what you are ultimately in the market for anyway right? You want to kill more germs and bacteria in your mouth and around the gum line for a healthier smile. The good news is that this is a feature that is common to both options.
  • Flosser Heads: The extra attachments featured with both options are great for several reasons. It’s pretty simple really: the more head attachments that the package comes with the fewer you will need to buy in the future.
  • Two Modes of Use: last but not least the WP-660 features two modes of use that are going to serve to enhance your experience a little bit when you using the massage mode that alternates water pressure for a nice relaxing feel. Admittedly most users probably won’t utilize the massage mode very often, but it will certainly be nice to have when you do need it.



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  • 120V Only: All the countertop waterpiks are compatible with 120VAC/60Hz power outlets, they are for use in North America only. It is one of the biggest disadvantages for those potential users who is living in other countries.
  • Price (WP-660): the price of the WP-660 is not in and if itself a problem. There are actually quite a few piks out there that are the same price or even more expensive than this option. The problem really stems from the facts that the limited differences between these options does not necessarily need to correlate with a significant hike in price.




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Well, that’s that! As you can see both of the options that we looked at today are unique and quality water flossers in their own right.

Now that said, you still have a decision to make. Which of these water flossers do you want to take home? The decision mostly comes down to what you need and what you think you can live without.

On the one hand, WP 100 is a little more basic. You aren’t getting a lot of bells and whistles with this option but at the end of day it is still going give you the same results that you look for put of a water flosser.The 660 on the other hand is a slightly higher end option that comes both with more features and a moderately bigger price tag. If you are willing to pay a little more this is also a great option.

I would also personally choose WP-660 as there are discounts in different stores from time to time, it offers the timer feature that enables you to know when you have used the water flosser for sufficient amount of time, maximizing the benefits of water flosser.

Last but not least, the WP-660 is stylish, and we all know, our gadget has to be stylish.