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How to clean Keurig Coffee Maker with Toothbrush

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We have always been a world of coffee connoisseurs. We all have our own particular brand of coffee we buy that suits our tastebuds. And we brew it in our special way to get the flavor we like. For example, some may go through the tedious task of picking out the java beans and grinding them up themselves to percolate and enjoy a satisfying cup of freshly brewed coffee. However, if you are still one of those types of obsessed java drinkers, then you are better than most of us who do not have that kind of time.

The Evolution of the Keurig Machine Versus Time Consuming Coffee Pots

In fact, we usually buy our favorite coffee already ground to perfection and sealed tight in a plastic canister. And even then, the time it takes to fill the water reservoir, put in the filter and fill it with the coffee grounds is too much time out of our busy schedules. Most of us swing by the machine on the way out the door, taking a cup of joe to go and hoping we do not spill it on our business attire on the way to the office. Am I right?

For these reasons, when Keurig put their coffee machine out on the market back in 1998, it really took off with this fast-paced world we live in today. You set it, put a coffee pod in, fill the reservoir with water, put your cup underneath the dispenser, and that is it – you have saved yourself some much needed time in the morning with less mess.

Time Can Still Be a Factor When it Comes to Cleaning a Keurig

Cleaning a Keurig

It is true, time does do a good job of consuming us these days and even though quicker ways of doing a lot of regular routine things have been invented, the fact is, when it comes to the machines we drink our coffee from, whether it be a Cuisinart or a Keurig, we still have to find the time to clean it after the buildup over many brews has taken that fresh aroma and taste away from our morning beverage.

Although the Keurig coffee maker is designed to be a simpler system than the other ten and twelve cup coffee makers, you still need to make sure it is cleaned correctly so it will continue to be your favorite brewer.

How Vinegar in Partnership with a Toothbrush Helps Breakdown Deposit Buildup

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It should be common knowledge if you have owned a coffee maker for several years that white distilled vinegar ran through the coffee maker several times will help in cleaning out the bacteria and mineral buildup that sticks to the pot, filter compartment, and water reservoir over time. However, is this a workable way to clean a Keurig machine?

For instance, how will vinegar be beneficial when the Keurig is designed to only brew a cup? For Keurig, it is the main contraption itself that you will need to concentrate on. Even so, you can, indeed, use vinegar in your Keurig to descale the mineral buildup inside your machine. Fill the reservoir up with white distilled vinegar and run it through several times disposing of the cup full of vinegar each time. Then, take a toothbrush with some mild soap and water and scrub through the parts of the machine. The vinegar will have helped to break up the limescale and aid the toothbrush into scrubbing it off successfully. The final step would be to run water through it until the water runs clear and free from the vinegar smell.

Things to Consider When Cleaning a Keurig

A few facts to remember when cleaning your Keurig is:

  • There are removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher or hand washed
  • After running vinegar and water through your Keurig, never dry the inside of the parts – air dry only
  • Keurig manufactures its own descaling product if you would like to descale your machine with that instead of vinegar

Also, a notable thing to consider is that since Keurig first come on the market, they have manufactured many more models under the Keurig name, and although they are all designed to make drinking a cup of coffee a more leisurely task, when it is time to clean your Keurig, you may still need to make sure there are no special instructions that may be different to the original model. Some of the Keurigs on the market today are:

  • Keurig K – Elite K
  • Keurig K250
  • Keurig K55 K-Classic

Because of all the different types of Keurigs, obviously, they will all have different distinctive features about each of them. Some parts may be digital. Therefore, it would probably be in the instructions to keep water away from those parts.

Final Thoughts on the Necessity of Cleaning Your Keurig Model Correctly

Cleaning Your Keurig Model Correctly

Even though there may be specific cleaning instructions on each, a common toothbrush will always be a necessity when cleaning any Keurig machine because of the smaller parts and nooks and crannies that would be hard to reach otherwise.

Keurigs have been a major household item since the year they were introduced. They have helped many of us who have busy lifestyles maintain manageable mornings. For java lovers everywhere, these coffee makers are what helps us through the day.

Keurig Coffee Makers are Convenient and Easy to Maintain

Not only are they easy to set for brewing, but Keurig’s convenient K-Cups also come in any flavor you can imagine, and they now have many different machines to choose from. They are simple to keep up and usually can be maintained with basic cleaning instructions such as vinegar, mild soap and water, and the only scrubber you will need, a common toothbrush to scrub the deposit buildup off the smaller parts and corner pockets.

Therefore, it will only take someone who has not tried this product to read this article and remember the three C’s; Convenient, Compact, and Easy to Clean. No wonder the Keurig machines have become such a popular fixture on many kitchen counters today.