Philips Sonicare FlexCare Family Review

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Family Review

The Philips Sonicare FlexCare is a unique series of Philips electric toothbrush. As the Mid-end products, the FlexCare family includes 3 models, which provides a lot of advanced techniques and each promise superior tooth cleaning capabilities. Let’s take a look through our comparison of each to see if any from this new dynamic range from Philips tick all the right boxes for you.

philips sonicare flexcare family

The Sonicare FlexCare + (HX6921/04)is the basic model in this series, it is designed to offer users superior gum care, 31,000 brush strokes per minute and exceptional plaque removal capabilities. Sonicare claims that this electric brush can remove up to 6x more plaque than a normal manual toothbrush. The digital systems on this device include a Smartimer that helps users ensure they brush for the optimal amount of time as recommended by dental professionals.

The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected (HX9192/01) is the advanced model. This “Platinum” version was developed baes on the FlexCare + model, the most improvement is that the Platinum comes with a synchronized APP which provides users greater monitoring capabilities throughout their tooth care routines. Besides, the brush includes Smart Sensors that record your brushing technique, and through the APP, present you with suggestions for improving your sessions to carry out more effective care. The Touchup feature lets you know key areas of your teeth that have been missed so that you can get back to them for a more comprehensive clean. With this model, you can set goals, track your progress with personal data and get the personal coaching through the Sonicare APP.

The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected (HX9192/02)has the same features of HX9192/02, but it offers you an extra UV Sanitizer. This device will remove 99% of the bacteria lingering on the head of your bush with the tap of a button.

Phillips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected with UV Sanitizer (HX9192/02)

Key Features & Technologies

If you’re looking to make a simple jump from a manual brush to a far more effective electronic design or just want to upgrade from low-end products, the basic Sonicare FlexCare+ is a very capable device. It offers 5 unique brushing modes for complete gum care and extra cushioning for a comfortable cleaning experience. The head delivers the equivalent of over 31,000 brush strokes per minute, and a timer encourages you to maintain an optimal 2-minute brushing sessions every time. The rechargeable Lithium ION battery can hold to 3 weeks – ideal for travel.

Key features of Phillips Sonicare Flexcare +

If you’re more inclined to seek a more sophisticated level of health care for your daily mouth hygiene, the Platinum models that integrate with the Sonicare APP will offer a greater functionality through utilizing Sonicares sensor technology.

The Sonicare sensor technology is great for people that are in the habit of rushing through their brushing routine. If you’re the kind of brusher that likes to get the job over and done with as soon as possible, you’ll more likely to be leaving vital areas with insufficient levels of attention. In these cases, the APP will inform you of your mistakes and advice on how to improve. Users are offered a 3D mouth map which clearly displays the areas of their teeth that require more or less attention.

Philips Sonicare App and Features

Users will be able to connect the Flexcare Premium models to a full array of Apple mobile devices as well as Android mobile phones via Bluetooth to make full use of the APP functions. The handle will vibrate when the system wishes to alert you, and the brushing between charges is estimated to last as long as 2 weeks.

Like the most mid to high-range eclectic toothbrushes, the Flexcare Premium models also offers 3 popular cleaning models (Clean, White, Deep Clean) and gives you 3 intensity selections. Many who try the FlexCare Platinum Connected models will find that the features provide such a great insight into their daily routines that they end up experiencing an almost complete transformation in the way they brush.

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How It Works

The Sonicare APP receives live data from the FlexCare Platinum Connected models in real time. This means you’ll receive a wealth of vital information about your clean from the very first use. The location sensor and TouchUp feature clearly highlight areas where you’re brushing either too little or too much. Knowing this, you’ll be able to adapt your technique and provide more attention to areas that are not being addressed as effectively as others. The idea is to continuously improve your brushing sessions which over time will lead to far better plaque removal.

The FlexCare Platinum models also have pressure and scrubbing sensors. These help the user to further perfect their brushing technique with the correct level of force. Brushing too hard can cause significant damage to your gums, so having a system that reminds you to keep your strokes to a consistent and safe level is incredibly important for maximizing care quality.

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Accessories & Packages

Here are the package descriptions for the 3 Flexcare models:

Sonicare FlexCare + (HX6921/04)

  • 1 Sonicare FlexCare + toothbrush handle.
  • 1 ProResults gum health brush head.
  • 1deluxe charger with cord wrap and brush head storage
  • 1 hard travel case.

Flexcare Platinum Connected (HX9192/01)

  • 1 Sonicare Flexcare Platinum toothbrush handle
  • 1 AdaptiveClean brush head that has been specifically selected to suit the Sonicare range.
  • 1 InterCare brush head that offers an added dimension of tooth care coverage.
  • 1 travel charger that enables more convenient use while on the one move.
  • A deluxe travel case that has been specially designed to offer greater mobility.
  • 2 hygienic travel caps which help to keep the heads clean while dormant.

Flexcare Platinum Connected (HX9192/02)

  • 1 Sonicare Flexcare Platinum toothbrush handle
  • 1 AdaptiveClean brush head that has been specifically selected to suit the Sonicare range.
  • 1 InterCare brush head that offers an added dimension of tooth care coverage.
  • 1 travel charger that enables more convenient use while on the on move.
  • A deluxe travel case that has been specially designed to offer greater mobility.
  • The Philips UV Sanitizer which cleans your brush of bacteria before and after your regime.
  • 2 Hygienic travel caps which help to keep the heads clean while dormant.
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Pros & Cons


  • The smart technology and synchronized APP used by the FlexCare Platinum Connected models deliver a new level of effective cleaning, far beyond what is possible with a conventional design.
  • A more than comfortable handle makes the device easy to comprehend, ergonomically sound and pleasurable to use.
  • The Snap-on changeable head is easy to use and allows users to explore other brush head designs to suit their preferences.
  • Thanks to the Lithium ION battery system, the Flexcare+ can provide you a 3 weeks use, which is one of longest battery life of the mid to high-end electric toothbrushes.
  • The deluxe travel case and UV Sanitizer offered with the FlexCare Platinum 02 model is a great touch and it works out to be great value for money when compared to buying the items individually.


  • Very few users will take full advantage of all the features available in the APP. After some time using the FlexCare Platinum myself, I feel into a rhythm of consistently repeating the advised technique without having to pay too much attention to the notifications and data on offer. I believe this will be the case for most users. The features are very useful at the start, but once you’ve learned where you’re going wrong and corrected your practices, the app becomes less necessary.

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If you’ve never used an electric toothbrush before, the FlexCare Platinum Connected models will blow you away during the first week of use. They make an awesome first impression that’s for sure. Experienced electric toothbrush users will appreciate the handy tips and guidance offered by the dynamic Sonicare APP. There’s a very high chance that using these devices will help you drastically improve your brushing technique for a much more effective and consistent daily clean.

Compared to some other options, the Sonicare FlexCare Platimum Connected models have to be considered the more affordable premium variety. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is another example of a brush that utilizes smart technology, but it has a recommended retail price over $300! By comparison the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected models offer very similar capabilities for significantly less money.

If you feel your teeth deserve no less than the best, here is a place which you’ll find to a more reasonable price. There are cheaper brands on the market that’s for sure. But will they offer the same level of quality and Smart functionality? Probably not. The FlexCare Platinum is really designed for those who want optimum daily care and prepared to pay more for the promise of quality. It’s easy to imagine a lot of people considering the prices of the range to be higher than the benefits are worth.

But if you’re looking for even greater value for money, the recommended retail prices for the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum toothbrushes may still feel excessive compared to other brands on the market. With market leading brand comes with the advantage of superior production quantities and stocking in large stores. This means it’s only a matter of time before you’ll likely find these quality products on sale in all major supermarkets and online major sites like Amazon.

The personalized digital framework of your mouth presented by the Sonicare APP is hugely impressive. Very few parts of our bodies have as much of an emotional value to us as our teeth, and this data driven capability gives us a real sense of taking firm control over our tooth care. If you plan on keeping yours as white as possible for as long as possible, it might be time to embrace the advantages of the modern digital age and get the most out of what Smart technology has to offer.

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