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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 vs. DailyClean 2100- An entry-level review and comparison of Philips electric toothbrushes

Phillip Sonicare makes a wide variety of high-quality products. In this guide, we look at the brushes that are specifically tailored to people with mid-tier to lower-end interests.

The ProtectivClean 4100 is a more recent unit, specifically made for buyers that want something a little bit fancier. The features are a little bit more comparable to that of some higher-end handles.

Then we have the DailyClean 2100. This handle came out in 2019 – The upgrade version of “Sonicare Essence”
and aims to provide entry-level users with a dependable, consistent performance.

Both bushes are great for some, but which is great for you?

Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100

What’s in the Box?

The Sonicaire ProtectiveClean 4100 is a slighter higher end unit that comes well equipped with many features that are only found on much higher-end products. In this review, we will explain some of those features and detail why they will be of value to you.

EfficiencyFirst things first, it is worth mentioning that this is an extremely efficient handle. It is rated to remove plaque at 7x the rate of your average manual brush. This level of performance is going to be a major upgrade for people that are trying to improve their oral health.

To compare, many similarly priced handles come in at 2 or 3x the efficiency of a manual brush, so not only is this unit outperforming traditionally toothbrushes but it is also outshining a large portion of its competition.

Essential TimerThe ProtectiveClean also benefits from a handy built-in timer. Dentists recommend that you brush for two minutes—a number that many people fall regrettably short of. Unfortunately, the average person is only brushing their teeth for about 45 seconds, well short of the target goal.

With numbers that bad, it’s no wonder so many people suffer gum disease and other oral health concerns. The timer works to ensure that you hit that number.

It works by running the handle for two minutes, deactivating it only once you’ve hit your goal.

Smart PacerA timer is great, but it is only half the battle. You also have to make sure that you are using your time wisely. The pacer works to ensure that every section of your mouth receives equal treatment. You brush for thirty seconds on each section of your mouth. When the thirty seconds have expired, you move on to the next section.

Pressure SensorThis is one of the handiest features you can get when it comes to electric toothbrushes, especially when dealing with one that is this powerful. It is actually possible to damage your gums and tooth enamel when using a highly powerful brush.

High-powered handles require only a very small amount of pressure to do their jobs effectively. Consequently, habits that worked just fine with your manual brush may be very ill-suited for your new setup.

Enter the pressure sensor. In the event that you do wind up brushing too hard, the pressure sensor will pulse, indicating that it is a good idea for you to ease up a little bit. There is nothing more important than safety, right? With this feature, the odds that you’ll hurt yourself are very low.

Solid BatteryLast, but not least, this unit also benefits from a really solid battery. Off a single charge, you will be able to use your handle for at least two weeks (estimating for four minutes of use per day). This is roughly twice what you get from many comparable handles.

The long battery life is great because it ensures you won’t waste a lot of time with a drained handle on your hands. It also makes it easier to travel with. If you do happen to forget your charging station on the road, chances are pretty good it won’t be an issue.

Issue to Be Aware ofThis brush actually does not have much in way of issues. For the price, it pretty much checks every box that we focus on. However, it is worth noting that it may actually be a bit more powerful than most people care for.

That’s not to say that the power levels are excessive by an objective standard—far from it. Indeed, many people may be attracted to this handle because of how much juice it has.

However, because you can’t adjust the intensity levels (the ProtectiveClean 4100 doesn’t offer the “Intensity Settings”), you’re pretty much left with the factory default, which may be uncomfortable for those with sensitive teeth it, especially it is a very powerful sonic brush head (62,000 brush strokes per minute) .You should be aware that the 4100 is most basic version of the ProtectiveClean series, you will get richer functionality on ProtectiveClean 5100 and 6100 if you a more sophisticated customer.Other features of ProtectiveClean 4100:

  • Product Dimension: 6.8w x 2.6d x 9.3h (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 13.6 ounces

For more specifications, please see our comprehensive analysis of:Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100, 5100 and 6100 Review and Comparison

Sonicare DailyClean 2100

What’s in the Box?

The DailyClean 2100 is a little bit more basic than the ProtectvieClean
4100 but compensates with an affordable price and an altogether high-value offering.

Affordable Price

First things first, the average consumer is sure to be drawn to the affordable price tag. Though not the cheapest brush on the market, it is affordable enough while still giving you access to a wide range of effective features.

If you want a good handle at a competitive price, this is certainly a product to look at.

Highly Effective

Of course, as with any decent electric toothbrush, this unit is highly effective. It features an efficiency rating of three times what you experience with a manual toothbrush. It’s not quite what you get with the protective clean, but for people that previously used manual brushes, this is still an enormous upgrade.

With a 300% performance improvement, you can be sure that your next trip to the dentist’s office isn’t going to be too stressful.

Decent Battery Life

While this unit doesn’t have the same two-week long battery life expectancy of the ProtectiveClean, it is still pretty solid. A single charge gives you approximately ten days’ worth of use (or approximately 40 minutes of running).

While this expectancy does leave something to be desired, it is still solid enough that you won’t need to constantly worry about keeping your handle juiced.

Essential Timer

The DailyClean also comes with a handy timer. This function works the same way that the timer on the last handle did. Activate the brush, and let it run for the next two minutes. When the timer expires, the brush shuts itself off automatically.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the pacer feature found on the handle, which means you need to be extra careful that you are treating every area of your mouth equally. Still, the timer does help to ensure that you are giving your teeth the thorough brushing experience that they need.

The issue to Be Aware ofValue is one thing to bear in mind. For all that can be said of the price, it is also worth mentioning that for a little bit more money (1/3 higher price), you can enjoy the enhanced features of the ProtectiveClean. That being the case, many people may prefer to fork over a little bit more dough in order to enjoy a considerably higher level of performance.It is also worth noting that, like the ProtectiveClean 4100, this unit doesn’t have any intensity settings. The factory default is what you are left with, which might be a little bit challenging for people with sensitive teeth. Still, if you don’t mind simplicity, you’re sure to find plenty to admire in this handle.

Other features of DailyClean 2100:

  • Product Dimension: 4.3w x 2.8d x 8.7h (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

For more specifications, please see our comprehensive analysis of:


To conclude, both of the products highlighted here benefit greatly from a slew of highly effective features. While neither utilizes some of the higher-end tech-focused capabilities we see with Bluetooth handles, both are nevertheless well equipped to stand toe to toe with the competition.

But how to choose? Ultimately, people with more restrictive budgets are going to gravitate towards the DailyClean 2100. It is a little bit simpler, a little bit less effective, but also a little bit more affordable.

However, if you have a little bit more flexibility in your spending, you’ll probably favor the ProtectiveClean 4100. For a few extra dollars, you get a ton more efficiency, and a few extra features that can really enhance your user experience.

In either case, you’re getting a very effective product. Buy the brush that speaks to you, and do so confidently, knowing that you’re getting something that will improve your oral health!

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