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Oral-B Pro 6000 Review

Oral-B Pro 6000

In the world of electric toothbrushes there truly is no shortage of variety. With that being the case it can often prove difficult for the uninformed shopper to find exactly what they are looking for in a brush.

Today we aim to alleviate that difficulty by taking a close look at the Oral-B Smart Series Pro 6000, and even comparing its feature to other similar models on the Oral-B line.

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Product Overview

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The Oral-B Pro 6000 is an upper tier midrange brush. It sounds almost over classified, right? But upper tier midrange actually does do well to describe it. There are definitely plenty of handles out there that are less expensive and as a result less loaded with features, and there are also several handles, even produced by Oral-B that are on the higher end.

Despite not being at the top end of the market, the Pro 6000 does still benefit from plenty of high-end technologies —perhaps most significantly in the form of its Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth and Smart App of Pro 6000

The Pro 6000 falls into the category of “Smart handle”, meaning that smart phone users will be able to sync the brush up with the Smart App in the cell phone to get real-time feedback on their brushing if they so choose. The handle also features several different mode settings that will empower you to make an individualized approach to your oral health decisions.

In terms of actual focus, the brush is naturally going to be good at delivering a comprehensive clean that will thoroughly address every area of your mouth. However, even with that said, the brush does have something of a focus and is marketed around its ability to remove over 300% percent of plaque around the gum area.

Round brush head of Pro 6000

Finally, the handle also features a number of other premium features, perhaps most notably including a Smart Ring that lights up when users apply too much pressure to their teeth and gums.

These features all account for a brush that will give those in the market for a top tier handle everything that they could want without breaking the bank.

Appearance and Designing

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Oral-B Pro 6000

The design concept featured on this handle is fairly standard in terms of what one might expect to encounter with an electric handle.

The main color of the Pro 6000 handle and brush head themselves are white, while the faceplate itself is a silverfish white with a very simple design. The Pro 6000 also offers the black and rose gold options.

There are only two buttons on the faceplate. One is to power up the handle and another to shift through modes of use. Below the arrow button there are also small symbols that represent each brushing mode.

Finally, there is a visible pressure ring where the handle attaches to the brush head. The design is very simple and standard but still provides you with everything that you would look for and expect to encounter with an electric toothbrush handle.

Visible pressure ring of Pro 6000

All in all, these are high-quality though mostly standard components of any brush of this caliber.

Key Features & Technologies

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The most distinguishing feature that is present in the Pro 6000 is probably going to be the Bluetooth connectivity. For the user that will take advantage of it, the Bluetooth component of this handle is going to open them up to a wide range of data that can legitimately change the way that you brushing your tooth.

Bluetooth connectivity of Pro 6000

This data can range from fairly simple things such as making sure that you are brushing for the dentist recommended 2 minutes with the help of the Smart Timer, and slightly more complicated things, like ensuring that you are interacting with every area of your mouth when you brushing your teeth.

You can also use the App to track your stats and set goals for your brushing—a feature that can be both practical and fun for the user that is willing to take advantage of them.

All this said, the handle is certainly much more than just it’s App. What I personally appreciate the most about the handle is its comprehensive brushing modes:

  • The Pro 6000 offers 5 modes – Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, Gum Care, and Pro Clean.
  • The Pro 6500 offers 6 modes – Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, Gum Care, Deep Clean and Tongue Cleaner.

5 brushing modes of Pro 6000

[wpsm_box type=”blue” float=”none” text_align=”left”]While 5 – 6 modes may seem excessive, they actually represent a good opportunity to give yourself the clean that you need on any given day. Do keep in mind that your oral hygiene needs can change on a day to day basis. While a standard daily clean mode might be ideal on some days, there are also other situations where “Sensitive,” or “Whitening,” might be more appropriate.[/wpsm_box]

Another of this handles most important features is the pressure sensor. It would be difficult to overstate the damage that can be done when you brush too hard on your gums or teeth. This is true of manual brushes, but it is especially true when you use electric handles which are significantly more powerful than their manual counterparts.

The pressure ring will help to make sure that you apply an appropriate amount of pressure to your teeth and gums to help secure long term oral health.

Compare with the Oral-B Pro 7000

These features actually line up pretty well with the next tier Oral-B Pro 7000. This model has the exact same modes of use, but does add a tongue cleaning mode. It also features an external timer, and a premium travel accessory (which is Oral B’s way of describing a slightly higher-end travel case).

The Pro 7000 is certainly a nice handle but if you are looking to save some money, you can definitely get many of its best features in the Pro 6000 for a good deal less.

How The Pro 6000 Works

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Operating the Pro 6000 is actually going to be pretty simple. First, you will of course need to charge the handle up. Once that is complete you can connect your toothbrush to your smart phone using these simple steps.

Once you have done that using the brush is a simple matter of utilizing the intuitive design of the handle. Activating the brush is as simple as pressing the power button. Once you have done that you can play around with the settings to see which is right for you.

Accessories & Packages

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The accessories offered with the Pro 6000 are pretty standard, but ultimately you are getting everything that you could need with the handle.

The 6000 comes with a simple stand, a brush head, a charger, and a basic carrying case.

While there are certainly handles out there that offer a little bit more in way of accessories you are ultimately getting everything that you could need to get started with this package.

Pros & Cons

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Now that we have established a comprehensive overview of the Pro 6000, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to better inform your buying decision.

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  • Timer: The timer component of this brush is a relatively simple feature that is also very important. Brushing your teeth for two minutes is going to help ensure that you get the comprehensive clean that you need to keep your mouth free of germs and bacteria.
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth component of this handle is really what gives it the hedge over handles of old. With the app support you are going to enjoy much more information about the quality of your brushing than you have ever before enjoyed. You can use that information to drastically improve the way you brush your teeth
  • Pressure Sensor: The pressure sensor is a pretty simple feature that might also be the most important one on the handle. It’s pretty simple: the pressure sensor is going to help you to responsibly utilize the increased power of the Pro 6000.
  • Efficient: The final thing to consider is that this handle is simply extremely efficient. This is true of all good electric toothbrushes actually. Given that this handle will eliminate 300% more bacteria than the manual counterpart, you can definitely count on better oral health than you have ever enjoyed before.



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  • Battery: The battery featured on this unit tends to lose its ability to hold a charge after a few months of use, which is something of a drag for a handle in this price range. While you will still be able to use it, you will no longer enjoy the week or so of use between charges that you used to.




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Is the Oral-B Pro 6000 right for you? If you are looking for an upper midrange brush with a lot of the premium features that top tier handles enjoy the Pro 6000 is going to be a pretty good way to get it.

Of course, there are also demographics that would be better suited looking elsewhere for their handles. If you are looking for the very best of the best and don’t mind paying a little bit extra, you may consider a slightly more deluxe handle, such as the Oral-B Pro 7000, or even the Oral-B Pro 8000.

Similarly, if all you are looking for is a bare bone, basic electric toothbrush handle, you should also be able to find that at a fraction of the cost of this brush.

The good news is that it is a pretty low stakes decision. If you do your research, chances are you are going to wind up with a great handle that will change the way that you brush your teeth.

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