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Waterpik WP-900 vs. WP-950

Waterpik with ADA accepted

If you pay close attention to the world of oral hygiene you know that there is more technology designed to help you take care of your teeth and gums than ever before. Without question, this is certainly a positive thing but it also comes with new complications. The Waterpik “Complete Care” is a very unique series since it is a perfect combination of a superior water flosser and a sonic electric toothbrush.

Today we will help clear some of the confusion up as we take a close, comparative look at the Waterpik Complete Care WP-900 and the more advanced Complete Care 7.0 version WP-950 to see which of these high tech flossing alternatives are going to be right for your needs.

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Product Overview

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The basic function of any Waterpik is, of course, to serve as an extremely thorough and efficient alternative to conventional flossing. While this is, of course, the ultimate goal of both of these Waterpiks, it is how they accomplish said goal that distinguishes them from other similar options.

To start, both the WP-900 and WP-950 fall into the upper mid-range in terms of price and overall utility. That is to say that you will find more advanced Waterpiks, and you will also certainly find many that are more basic.

Water flosser with proven results

Even with this said both are versatile options that contain a variety of different heads that allow users with different needs (like braces or sensitive teeth) the capability of uniquely addressing their special needs in a manner that is optimized to their situation.

It is indeed the versatility of each option that contributes to their major selling points. Since both packages also include a sonic toothbrush which is called “Sensonic” (Model SR-3000), which is also a representative toothbrush product with the ultrasonic technology. So the Complete Care package is essentially able to fulfill all of a user’s needs in one convenient station, which certainly adds plenty of value to the purchase.


Sensonic toothbrush and water flosser handle of Complete Care series


This said it is the results themselves that will most likely move the most units. In addition to being versatile options in the world of Waterpiks the Complete Care series also advertises themselves on the strength of their advantages over traditional flossing methods.

The units advertise that they are 51% more effective {} than string floss, 25% more bristle speed and 29% more effective at removing plaque than the Philips Sonicare Flexcare ® series at treating gums. Both also claim to remove 99 % of plaque around the gum-line, in addition to the normal plaque removal, they are also designed for the users with brace or implants.

Designed for both normal plaque removal and hoop tooth

Appearance and Designing

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In terms of appearance and overall design concept we are dealing with two Waterpiks that ostensibly follow market trends. We should start by saying that both units look almost identical to one another.

Both of them feature a generous water tank flanked on the left by the mounted pik and both feature a sonic toothbrush mounted on the right.

On the front of each unit there are also two nobs that can be used to adjust the intensity settings of both piks.

Intensity control of Waterpik WP-900 and WP-950

The WP-950 does feature a slight overhaul in terms of color. The standard WP-900 unit comes in a fairly generic white – blue tone, while you can say the WP-950 in a much sleeker looking silver tone that will ensure that the Waterpik looks decent on your bathroom counter.

Additionally, the WP-950 is available in multiple colors while you can only get the WP-900 in standard white and blue.

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Common Features of Waterpik WP-900 and WP-950

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In terms of common features between these two units, there is actually quite a bit to discuss. Both feature the same reservoir size that ultimately yields about 90 seconds worth of waterfowl for.

Water tank of Waterpik WP-900

To the unexperienced shopper this might not sound like much, but it should give you more than enough time to give your gums the thorough cleaning that they deserve. 90 seconds is about as much of a water reservoir as you are going to get with a personal Waterpik so you probably won’t find any options that beat this tank size.

Also both feature an almost identical design concept (we will illustrate the minor differences between each in the following section) and offer the same 10 pressure settings to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible as you go about brushing your teeth.

Perhaps most importantly, both of these packages also include the pik and the brush so that you have comprehensive access to enough oral hygiene products to ensure that you are completely able to clean your teeth.

Finally, you also get a travel case with either option that will make it about as easy as possible to bring all your entire oral health care set up with you in one convenient package – however, this travel case is only for carrying the SR-3000 Sensonic toothbrush and 2 brush heads.

Travel case of Waterpik WP-900 and WP-950

Essentially, all of the most important features of either package are more or less shared between both of them. However, there are also a number of conveniences and bonus features that distinguish the WP-950 for the WP-900. We will now explore those.

Differences between Waterpik WP-900 and WP-950

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It’s ultimately the differences that can make the biggest impact during the process of a buying decision. We will now take a look at a few differences between both of these units to see which of them is right for your situation.


The features and technology present in both of these selections is essentially the same. They are perform in very similar manners and yield more or less the same results in terms of actual plaque and bacteria removal.

Accessories and Packaging:

It’s ultimately the accessories that make the biggest difference between these two units. We should start by mentioning that both are well equipped in terms of extra brush heads. While the WP-900 features 7 extra attachments (5 flossing tips + 2 Sonic brush heads) that are designed to provide a highly customized experience, the WP-950 actually comes with 9 (5 flossing tips + 4 Sonic brush heads).

5 flossing tips for both WP-900 and WP-950, 4 brush heads for WP-950

The utility of having 9 flossing tips + brush heads instead of 7 is several folds. For thing, the 9 brush heads are going to better empower you to have a more customized experience.

The WP-950 comes with extra refills of the compact and standard brush heads so that you can use your favorite method of Waterpiking for longer than you would be able to with the WP-900.

This also will save you money long term on buying extra refills for our Waterpik. Of course, the amount that you will save on refills does not make up the difference between the cost discrepancy of the WP-900 and WP-950, but if you were already interested in the WP-950 anyway, this is certainly a nice bonus.

This difference aside the accessories and packaging are essentially the same for both the WP-950 and WP-950.

Suitability of 7 flossing tips

User Experience:

It is perhaps the most difficult to quantity the difference in user experience between these two piks because on the surface, they perform mostly the same way. With the same settings, the same attachments, and the same overall efficiency there is nothing concrete that, at least on the surface, should make one unit produce a different experience than the other.

That said, there are several small differences in the overall design and feel of the two units that can potentially account for a difference in user experiences.

[wpsm_box type=”blue” float=”none” text_align=”left”]Basically, the WP-950 is just designed to be a little bit more luxurious than the WP-900. The differences that make this so are small, but for the shopper that values sleek innovation, it could be a game changer.

One of the things some users will notice is that knobs on the WP-950 are a little bit sleeker. For this advanced model, they have been rounded out and finished with a material that gives them a satisfying, almost metallic feeling.

The handle itself has also been designed to be ergonomic on the WP-950 which means that it should fit in your hand a little bit more comfortably. Granted, hand comfort is not usually a feature that most people think about for their oral hygiene products, but it nevertheless is still a feature that gives the 650 a slight edge in terms of actual user experience.[/wpsm_box]

And then there is the overall design overhaul that we discussed in the design concept section. The actual differences are very slight in how these two units have been designed. The biggest distinction is mostly in the finish, with the WP-950 featuring more elegant color options than the WP-600.

What’s more?

Finally, there is also some minor aspects of product differentiation:

  • WP-950 is claimed to have the Space-Saving Design, which is smaller and lighter than the WP-900 (8.75 x 7.12 x 9.12 in and 2.45 lbs vs. 9 x 7.5 x 9.25 in and 3.2 lbs);
    Space-Saving Design of WP-950
  • You will get an extra portable tip storage case if you choose the WP-950;
    Covered tip storage and tip storage case of WP-950
  • WP-950 offers you an extra Hydro Pulse Massage Mode that will make you feel more relaxed during the flossing if you have the very sensitive gums;

All these things said these differences might or might not create a different experience for you. If you value luxury and comfort the difference in experience between these products might be quite severe.

On the other hand, if you have a more casual attitude about these considerations, the small differences between the WP-900 and the WP-950 probably won’t be a big deal to you.

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Pros & Cons

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Now that you have a fairly comprehensive overview of both sets let’s take a look at some pros and cons to further inform your buying decision.

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  • All in One: One of the most eye catching aspects of both options is that they each contain a sonic tooth brush as well as a Waterpik. While the toothbrush itself is fairly basic—not at all up to the same standards as some top tier sonic toothbrushes, it is nevertheless an enticing bonus offer that should entice buyers looking for an economic way to get both the toothbrush and the Waterpik.
  • Versatility: Another really strong pro is the versatility with which both options are going to empower you to tackle your oral hygiene care. The different brush heads featured with these packages make it easy to attend to special situations, like addressing braces or sensitive teeth.
  • Efficiency: What it all really comes down to is efficiency, right? Ultimately, the reason that you are looking for a Waterpik in the first place is that you want to improve the health of your gums, and that is ultimately the department in which these units succeed the most. Both options are able to remove 99.99% of bacteria on the gum line which ensures that either will make for a great way to improve your oral hygiene.



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  • 120V Only: One of the biggest bummers that pertains to both of these set ups is that there is no conventional way to use when you are out of the U.S. Both piks only compatible with the power outlets of 120V. On the other hand, their Sensonic toothbrush has the Global voltage compatibility. It’s difficult for me to understand…
  • Speed Settings: Another complaint that pertains to the Sensonic toothbrush is there only two speed settings and they aren’t exactly what most people would prefer. Basically, the bush either goes very fast, or very slow, with little room for middle ground.




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Well, there you have it. Now that you have received a significant amount of information about the WP- 900 and WP-950 you have a choice to make. Which of these Waterpiks is going to be right for you? Well as you probably saw throughout the course of this article both models are really pretty similar.

Probably the biggest draw for both packages is the level of value that they each possess. While both units has a reasonable price in its own right the fact does remain that it would be very difficult to separately purchase both an electric toothbrush and a Waterpik for a better price than you will get these packages for.

However, the WP-950 does feature a few minor upgrades –it was launched in 2016 while the WP-900 was launched in 2013, many shoppers may find that say those upgrades are not worth the accompanying hike in price.

Ultimately deciding between the two products is ultimately going to require that you reflect on your own needs. We cannot tell you how to spend your money, we just hope that we have made the sometimes overly complicated buying process a little bit simpler for you. You can also turn to the Waterpik Aquarius series (WP 660 or WP 670) if you are already a user of Sonicare or Oral-B and I don’t think the Sensonic is a better choice compared with the electric toothbrushes of Philips or Braun.
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