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Philips Sonicare For Kids Review

We know that you want to choose a toothbrush that will set your baby up for a lifetime of good brushing habits. We also know that determining exactly how to get it can sometimes be difficult.

To help you decide, today we will be taking a look at two awesome products from Phillips. These products are specially designed with children 4-10 years old in mind, and their deluxe features work not just to provide a deep clean, but also to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.

The Philips Sonicare Kid series consists of 2 models HX6321/02 and HX6321/05.

Philips Sonicare for Kids

Key Features & Technologies

The Phillips Sonicare for Kids HX6321 model is a high-grade electronic toothbrush designed to give your children’s teeth a deeper clean. Let’s take a look at some of this model’s features so you can decide for yourself whether or not this product is a good fit for your child.

  • Interactive Free App: This toothbrush comes with a free App named SonicareKids App will help your kids learn about the importance of oral hygiene. The Smartphone- compatible software will keep track of brushing time, which has been shown to increase children’s enthusiasm for maintaining their oral hygiene.
  • This App offers the interactive brushing coach sessions for your child, which challenges them to brush for longer and better. Each session starts with a tooth clear visual instructions about correct brushing techniques before the brushing and the App’s progress monitoring system can track their overall performance.
  • Parent and kids can see how well they brush, and earn exciting rewards for a job well done. Educational, and effective, 98% of parents surveyed say it’s easier to get their kids to brush longer and better with this App. It’s the fun way to help kids develop healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime.
    iPhilips Sonicare For Kids Infographic
  • Child-oriented brushing: The handles come equipped with 2 kid-friendly power modes for the proper clean of different ages (a low mode for younger children and high mode for older kids), designed to yield gentle and effective cleaning. The cutting-edge technology found in this model yields up to 500 brush strokes per second, making it easier than ever to give your children’s teeth a deep thorough clean.
  • KidTimer and KidPacer: A timer featured on the corresponding free SonicareKids App is set for 2 minutes to help your children reach the optimal brush time. Meanwhile, a pacer ensures that they get the most out of that time, alerting them when it is time to move on to another section of their mouth.
  • Customizable Stickers: As an adult, you probably aren’t going to be as wowed by a few stickers as you will be by innovative App technology (or maybe you will be) but for your kids, it could make all the difference. This brush comes with 8 stickers to customize its appearance and help increase your children’s interest in brushing their teeth. And the stickers are easy to replace, so your kid could have a New brush handle every day.
    8 fun stickers8 fun stickers
  • Multiple Brush Heads: Two different brush head sizes make it so that this product will remain optimized for your child’s mouth regardless of their age.
    Multiple Brush Heads for kids
  • Protects Growing Teeth: The rubberized head is designed to be gentle on your child’s teeth and gums.
    Philips Sonicare For Kids Protects Growing Teeth

For the model HX6321/05, this is actually in most ways the exact same model as the last one that we looked at. In fact, the only difference is cosmetic. As the name of the product suggests, this model in the Phillips Sonicare for Kids line features an Ice Age Edition.

Since the features are the same as the last model, there is no need to bother with the bullet points, but let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of this particular model.

The biggest difference that you will find between the two models is not in the brush itself. Yes, the layout is different, with the Ice Age model featuring graphics of characters from the franchise, but the most significant change is actually in the accompanying App.



It’s not easy getting your kids enthusiastic about brushing their teeth. Oral hygiene is so important for their overall health that any edge you can get is helpful. The last model we looked at goes a long way in getting kids interested in brushing their teeth, but if the App and other awesome features aren’t enough, the Ice Age layout will do the trick.

The innovative app that we discussed as we looked at the last model still has all the same capabilities, but with a much more engaging interface. With this special edition, your children can customize the look of their app character with a special Ice Age design that will keep them interested in brushing their teeth.

How It Works

If you’re used to the standard manual brush that you can pick up at any drugstore for a dollar, the innovative features of this electric brush may seem overwhelming, especially one that comes with an interactive App.

The truth is, it’s a lot less complicated then you would probably guess. Both Sonicare models operate on rechargeable batteries, so the first thing you are going to want to do when you open the box is plug it in to be charged. A battery indicator light will notify you when they are ready to be used, and after that, you are good to go.

While you are charging up your new brush, you can feel free to install the corresponding App on your phone, so that your children will have access to their brushing coach as soon as the handle is fully charged.

After that, the high-tech features of the brush essentially take care of themselves. The handle comes equipped with Bluetooth, so it will sync up automatically with the App when you use them both at the same time. To use the brush coach while your kids clean their teeth, simply pull up the app on your smartphone while they use it, and navigate the simple menu.

The app is how your children will be able to track your progress. It is also how you will be able to use the timer and pacing function.

You will find the rest to be self-evident. The controls are on the handle of the brush. You may want to play around with them a little bit before handing it off to your children just to make sure that you are comfortable with the settings.

Accessories & Packages

Both models that we have discussed come with 1 Bluetooth-enabled rechargeable toothbrush; 1 brush head (standard size), 1 charger base, 8 handle stickers for customization; and also include 2 bonus sticker sheets so that your kids can customize the appearance of their brush.

Of course, you have the option to purchase additional kid brush heads later on if you decide that you wish to. The compact Sonicare brush head HX6032/94 is a general choose and fit the kid with all ages. If you are not a brand seeker you can also try the Sierra Clean and iHealthia, they are more than half cheaper than Philips’s original brush head and perfectly match with brush handle of Philips Sonicare for kids.

Pros & Cons


  • Pleased Parents: The Philips Kid Series is one of the best Child Oriented Designed electric toothbrushes in the market. 98% parents have found that it is easier to get their children to use their toothbrushes better and longer (According to the survey of US dental professionals with children age 4-10).


  • In the case of the Phillips Sonicare, high quality does not come cheap. If you’re used to spending just a few dollars for your toothbrushes, the initial cost of these models may be a little bit jarring for you, and the cost of replacement heads is nothing to sneeze at either.


Both these 2 models of Philips Sonicare Kid series perform as advertised for results that are sure to improve your family’s oral hygiene. It’s a lot to consider, I know, but to put it simply, paying a little bit more money than you are used to now can save your children the pains of extensive dental work later. As parents, we go to great lengths to give our children the very best, and in this case, the best is fairly simple and straightforward.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Just keep in mind that years from now you probably won’t remember the unpleasantness of parting with a few extra dollars for a toothbrush, but you may remember the extra, painful trips to the dentist that could have been avoided if you’d used the right equipment.

Painful trips to the dentist can be traumatizing for kids, but they can be avoided with the proper education and tools. Give your child the opportunity to understand the importance of oral hygiene, and have fun while they brush!

There is no doubt that the Sonicare line will offer a significant improvement to your child’s oral hygiene routine, and given the high function of this product, we give it a high score of 8 out of possible ten. It does lose a couple of points for the price.