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Oral-B Pro 7000 vs. 8000

If you have recently started looking into purchasing a high-end electric toothbrush, you have probably come to realize that there are a lot of different options out there. It is exactly because of those options that it can sometimes be difficult to determine which handle is right for you.

For that reason, today we will be taking a side by side comparative look at the Oral-B 7000 and the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000. Read on for an up-close look at these impressive brushes.

Products Overview

As we have introduced in previous reviews, both the Oral-B Pro 7000 and Oral-B Pro 8000 are higher end brushes relative to the rest of the products on the company’s line. Both fall into the category of “smart brushes”, for the fact that they utilize Bluetooth technology to sync up with user’s smartphones. Once the brushes have synced up with your phone, they are able to store data to provide you with detailed information on your brushing habits.

They also distinguish themselves from other brushes of their class by way of the numerous brushing settings that they offer users. The modes for both brushes are as follows: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Tongue Cleaning and Pro-Clean.

Though designed, in general, to deliver a comprehensive clean, the 7000 is particularly dedicated to delivering thorough plaque removal around the gum line. The 8000 is also very capable of cleaning safely and thoroughly around the gum line, but focuses also on giving a thorough, tooth by tooth clean that is facilitated by their round brush head design, as well as the Criss-Cross bristles that are made to fit around the tooth so that no area of the mouth is missed.

Appearance and Designing

Both handles are of a fairly standard design relative to the world of electric toothbrushes. That said since these are higher end handles, there are a few extra features that become apparent as you take a closer look. For one thing, both of these brushes feature what Oral- B refers to as a “Pressure Ring,” near where the brush head connects to the handle.

You will also notice that, in addition to the power button, there are a few additional buttons and symbols on the faceplate of each handle. These buttons are in place to account for the multiple settings that each brush feature. The 8000 features symbols for each of the six settings, while the 7000 allows you to shift through them via a button located near the power icon.

Is there any difference of the designing? Yes!

The brush handle of Oral-B 7000 uses the ergonomic design while Oral-B 8000 has a cylindrical shape. Personally, I prefer the appearance of 8000, because:

  • The grip part and the bottom of Oral-B 8000 handle are made of a large area of soft rubber, which feels more comfortable in grip and better ant-skidding than 7000;
  • Because 8000 is the cylindrical design, it is easier to install a large LED display area in the center of the brush handle and it is well integrated with the surrounding rubber parts. The brush handle of 7000 is irregular, only a small LED display area is installed at the bottom.

Since 5000 and 7000 were lunched about one year earlier than 6000 and 8000, as 8000/9600 has become the new Oral-B flagship of its electric toothbrush product line, I think it has made great progress in its designing.

Oral-B 7000 rubber grip

oral b pro 8000

Both handles are offering 2 colors option – black and white. As I have mentioned before, I prefer to choose white one, because toothpaste stains are usually left in the crevice of the brush handle, the white surface does not make the toothpaste stain look obvious.

Please note that the white version of 8000 has two different serial numbers now, one is Oral-B Pro 7500, its design and main features are the same as 8000. the only difference is the 7500 offers a white color while the handle of 8000 is black. So, don’t think it is an upgrade version of the 7000 series! Another one is called Pro 9600: Whether they are the models with the different function? My answer is No. According to the user on Amazon, 8000 and 9600 are basically identical in shape, color, function and accessories, and there is no significant difference.

Common features of Oral-B Pro 7000 and Pro 8000

These brushes are actually fairly similar in most of the major aspects of their features. They both feature the same modes, they come with similar accessories, and they are both tech-heavy, benefitting greatly from their Bluetooth technology.

  • High-efficiency cleaning: Like all good electric toothbrushes, both of these handles are going to be up to three times better than manual toothbrushes at eliminating plaque and germs. If you are new to the world of electric toothbrushes, you are sure to enjoy a much more thorough clean with either of these handles.
  • Complete brushing modes: Both of these handles also offer 6 modes of brushing. The multiple modes will help to ensure that a wider range of people is able to enjoy the handles. It will also, of course, make sure that you can give your mouth the clean it needs even on the occasions where your gums or teeth are feeling sensitive.
    six brushing modes
  • The latest version of the APP: App support has become something of an industry standard in the world of high-end electric toothbrushes. Nevertheless, it is still nice to see that both of these handles are able to offer it. For the smartphone savvy user, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and the real-time feedback provided by the app data is going to be enough to fiercely improve your oral hygiene regiment.Oral-B APP and real time feeback
    Oral-B APP interface of data interaction on smart phone
  • Smart pressure sensors: The pressure sensors featured in both of these brushes are particularly vital for the fact that with improper use electric toothbrushes can be a little bit hard on the teeth and gums. The same power and efficiency that makes an electric toothbrush so useful also make it harmful to your mouth in the case of misuse. The sensor will help to keep your mouth safe as you brush.Compared with the vibration hints on the low-end products, the combination of a LED smart ring will make the pressure control more intuitive. In addition, you can use the APP to illuminate with your choice of 12 colors of the LED smart ring on Oral-B 8000.
    Oral-B 7000 pressuare sensor
  • Timer/Pacer: The timer/pacer features of these handles are in place to ensure that give your teeth the sort of cleaning that dentists recommend. They accomplish this by timing your sessions (counting down from the dentist recommended two minutes) and then notifying you when it is time to move on to another section of your mouth so that all of your teeth are equally clean.
    Oral-B Timer/Pacer
  • Accessories: Both handles feature a traveling carrying case that will make it easy to bring your toothbrush with you on the go. The carrying cases themselves are also fairly techy for the fact that they also serve as a “charging station.” If you want to juice up your toothbrush, or even your smartphone, you will be able to do so using the lithium battery present in the “smart carrying case.” The charge provided promises to keep your toothbrush running for up to 12 days.
    Oral-B 8000 travel case

Key Difference between Oral-B Pro 7000 and Pro 8000

That said, there are a few differences, particularly in the way in which that technology is implemented.

  • While both of the handles do utilize app support and Bluetooth technology, it is not quite to the same extent. The Oral-B 8000 is able to give users more comprehensive feedback with their app support, even going so far as to show where in your mouth you have addressed, and where you still need to give attention. They call this “Position Detection” The enhanced app support makes brushing with the 8000 a little bit more thorough, and perhaps a little bit more fun.
    Oral-B APP position detection
  • As previously mentioned, they also have slightly different emphasis. The Oral-B 7000 focuses heavily on plaque removal along the gum line, while the 8000 is more focused on providing a comprehensive clean that is able to address each tooth individually. Ultimately, of course, both handles will be more efficient at either task than a manual brush.
  • The Oral B 7000 comes with the wireless “Smart Guide”, a device that coordinates with the brush wirelessly to provide real-time feedback on your brushing. Feedback includes information on the mode that you are using, how much longer you should spend brushing your teeth, and when you should move on to another region of your mouth. The 8000 doesn’t offer you this equipment since the Smart Guide has been integrated in the latest version the Oral-B APP, which features an even more advanced display via the smartphone screen. On the 8000 you will be able to see what part of your mouth you’re are currently cleaning, as well as where you should shift your focus too, via a technology called “position detection”.
  • The Oral-B 8000 provides a useful smartphone holder in the accessories, you can easily hold your smartphone on the mirror and look up the feedbacks and real-time coachings on the APP.
    oral b smart phone holder
  • In addition, the Oral-B 8000 has a better battery performance than 7000, it’s Li-Ion power system can last 12 days for a regular use after full charge while 7000 only last for 10days.

Conclusions and Suggestions

As you can see, both the Oral-B Pro 7000 and 8000 are the most powerful brushes off the entire product line of Oral-B and have a lot going for them, but they have no shortcomings?

  • Since these handles are on the higher end of the price spectrum. You are definitely paying for the advanced features and technological capabilities with these brushes. However, you can take a look the mid-end products (Oral-B Pro 5000 & Pro 6000)  if you don’t want to invest too much at this stage.
  • Besides, I think these two products are not rich in color. In particular, compared with Philips, their high-end series – Sonicare DiamondClean Smart offers multiple color options that meet the preferences of different uses in all sexes and ages.

Last question, which product is more worth buying? In my opinion, if you are very smartphone savvy, and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, the 8000 might be right for you. After all, like I said, the Oral-B 8000 is the latest flagship while the 7000 is the last generation.